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Directory of Important Bird Areas in China (Mainland): Key Sites for Conservation

Compilation of IBA in China started in 1998. When the inventory of Asia was published in 2004, a total of 445 IBAs had been identified in China mainland, plus two in Hong Kong and one in Macao. Although we had spent some years in collecting IBA information in China, there are lots of gaps of knowledge as China is so big a country. In recent year, as more and more people interested in birds, and information flow speeded up thanks to the use of the Internet, we have acquired a lot more new information on distribution of species and previously unknown sites. The old inventory may have missed some recently discovered importan sites. In 2006, with the funds available from the World Bank Safeguarding Important Area of Natural Habitat Programme, BirdLife International organized workshops and consultation on revising the IBA inventory of China in 2006 and 2007. The revised China mainland inventory is published in Chinese in 2009 for the first time.

Information on Important Bird Areas in China was compiled with the support of the World Bank using consultant trust funds from the Government of Japan. Surveys of IBAs in western China were funded by Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (Japan) and the Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd. (Japan). An IBA Workshop in Fuzhou was funded by the Darwin Initiative of the UK Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. The Tolkien Trust, Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust and the BirdLife Asia Bird Fund provided additional support for the inventory compilation. The World Bank's Sustainable Development Office in Beijing provided significant financial support for the publication of the inventory.

If you are interested to obtain a copy, please contact info@chinabirdnet.org



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1. Foreword & Introduction (1.4M)

2. IBAs in Taiwan (0.7M)

3. IBAs in Hong Kong (0.6M)

4. IBAs in Macao (0.7M)

5. IBA in China (Mainland) table (in Chinese and English;10.4M)

6. IBA Inventory of China (Mainland)

Helongjiang Province (1.0M)

Jilin Province (0.9M)

Liaoning Province (0.9M)

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (1.1M)

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (1.0M)

Tibet Autonomous Region (1.2M)

Qinghai Province (1.0M)

Gansu Province (1.0M)

Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (0.8M)

Sichuan Province (1.3M)

Chongqing City (0.7M)

Yunnan Province (1.3M)

Guizhou Province (0.7M)

Shaanxi Province (1.1M)

Shanxi Province (0.8M)

Hebei Province (0.7M)

Tianjin City (0.7M)

Beijing City (0.9M)

Shandong Province (0.7M)

Henan Province (0.7M)

Hubei Province (0.7M)

Anhui Province (0.8M)

Jiangsu Province (0.7M)

Shanghai City (0.7M)

Zhejiang Province (1.0M)

Fujian Province (1.0M)

Jiangxi Province(0.8M)

Hunan Province (0.8M)

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (1.1M)

Guangdong Province (0.8M)

Hainan province (0.8M)

7. Appendix (in Chinese and English; 17.0M)

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