Kunming Birdwatching Association Kunming Birdwatching Association

Kunming Birdwatching Association (KBA) is managed by Kunming Association for Science and Technology (KAST), and is a community-based organization which aims to protect and to conduct research on birds. KBA was established in 1987, and its 130 members include professors from universities and research institutes; professionals from secondary and primary schools, forestry, environmental conservation and landscape management; students from universities and secondary schools; as well as amateur birdwatchers who work in the private sector. The main funding sources of the organization are KAST, the provincial government's forestry and environment departments and the Yunnan Red Wine Industry Co., Limited, as well as membership fees.

In recent years, KBA has organized a number of activities to promote bird protection, including:

1. The coordination of a programme involving KBA members and other bird lovers to attract to Kunming and conserve wintering Black-headed Gull and other northern waterbirds. Surveys indicate that the total number of Black-headed Gull (Larus ridibundus) and the less numerous Brown-headed Gull (L. brunnicephalus) was 2,000 individuals in 1987, but had increased to 9,000 in 1999, and sometimes over 10,000.These birds congregate at three waterbodies, Daguanlou Mansion, Cui Hu and Palong River.These congregations of birds have become one of the main attractions in Kunming City, and thousands of visitors now enjoy feeding the birds using specially-made artificial foodstuffs.

2. The coordination of regular bird watching activities for members, students and bird lovers in the wetland and woodland habitats at Dian Chi near Kunming City. These activities generate awareness among the general public of bird protection and nature conservation. During the "Love the Birds Week" in March and April 2003, we were supported by a relevant government department to organize a bird race at the provincial level, and this event was well received.

3. Actively participate in bird-ringing activities organized by the China Bird Banding Centre. By 2001, a total of 30,000 individuals of 120 bird species had been ringed. The Banding Centre has also trained over 300 people.

KBA welcomes opportunities to communicate and exchange experience with bird watching societies elsewhere in mainland China and overseas. We hope this will strengthen our efforts in bird protection and nature conservation.

Website: www.kunmingbird.org
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Address: Kunming Birdwatching Association, c/o Kunming Zoo, Yuantong Shan, Kunming City, Yunnan
Contact person: Yu Shaoquan (Office Manager)