Jian Bird Watching Society

Activities of the Jian Bird Watching Society aim at promoting birdwatching and bird protection in the community. Through photos, videos and talks, primary and secondary school students care more about birds and understand the role of environmental indicator that the birds play. It is hoped that the activities can raise the public awareness on the protection of habitats and threatened bird species.


1. Promoting birdwatching in the community as scheduled;

2. Building the capacity of the core members;

3. Holding "Love Bird Talk" every Friday;

4. Maintaining the website and strenghtening its effect on publicity;

5. Organizing birdwatching activities and bird knowledge competition at primary and secondary schools in Jian city;

6. Preparing for the production of the field guide of the birds in Jian;

7. Drawing up a project to investigate the situation of bird species under the National Protection Class 1 and 2 in Jian city.


Contact information
Website:   www.jabirds.org/
Contact person: Mr. Yao Wenzhi