Chengdu Bird Watching Society Chengdu Bird Watching Society

Chengdu Bird Watching Society (CDBWS) was established on 1 November 2004.The organization is now a legal entity, with the approval of the Bureau of Civil Affairs. CDBWS is active throughout Sichuan Province and in other parts of western China. Its membership is growing, and currently stands at over 300, meaning that it is the largest bird watching society in the western part of China.

The objectives of CDBWS are "To conduct research, to protect birds and their habitats; To promote and encourage bird watching, and to develop the bird watching industry". Our slogan and concept of bird watching is "Modern, Active, Healthy and Ecological". We have developed activities for government departments, the general public and professional bodies with the following themes: Environmental education and promotion of bird watching; Surveys and conservation of birds and habitats; Development of the bird watching industry and facilitation of community economic development.

CDBWS is currently cooperating with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Conservation International (CI), Asia Foundation, Sichuan Forestry Department and Chengdu Municipal Forestry Bureau, as well as a number of other international organizations, local government departments, local communities, bird watching societies, and birdwatchers and other individuals. Our collaborative projects have facilitated the rapid development of bird watching activities in Sichuan and western China, and enabled us to develop a good track record and valuable experience in surveys and the conservation of birds and their habitats.

CDBWS has a natural advantage because of the rich habitats and birdlife of western China and the current trends in international bird watching activities, which have helped us to become involved in the bird watching industry. CDBWS is conducting several preliminary studies and trials of a new model for the industry that aims to balance constructive economic development and the conservation of ecology in a well-balanced way. CDBWS has provided professional services to help with the organization of bird watching trips and tours.

CDBWS welcomes opportunities for cooperation with government departments, research institutes and environmental conservation funds, including the support of these organizations for our projects. We hope that enhanced public concern and support will help the constructive development of the organization, particularly to develop its capacity in promotion and publicity, research and conservation, and the development of bird-ecotourism and the bird watching industry..

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